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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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B.  Progress and Accomplishments - (Continued)

o Additional funds were allocated for intensifying introductory and inter-
mediate language instruction or for adding third or fourth year language
skill courses.

o FY 1984 center grants, which cover the summer of 1985, include allocations
for the development of cooperative summer intensive language programs,

o Additional funds were devoted to teacher education activities and out-
reach in the teacher education field will be a priority in FY 1985

Foreign Language and Area Studies

o Combining language and area studies with professional school programs
has been made a program funding priority. Data are not yet available
on the actual award patterns.

o At least 75 percent of the fellowship awards were for the less-commonly
taught non-Western languages.

o Fellowship awards for students and faculty to participate in summer
intensive language programs were increased, as a percentage of all
fellowships, from 10.2 percent for the summer of 1984 to 13,8 percent
for summer 1985.

Business and International Education

o All grantees have linkage agreements with the business community involved
in export related trade or international economic activities.

The International Research and Studies Program

o Funded projects include those focusing on language proficiency testing,
developing new instructional materials, use of computers in language
instruction, and improving teaching methodologies and language acquisi-
tion. One project will develop a guidebook on how to evaluate foreign
language programs at the college level.

C.  Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness:
Program Scope;

National Resource Centers: 91 centers were funded in fiscal year 1984 as
non-competing continuation awards, 78 of them comprehensive graduate and
undergraduate and 13 of them undergraduate. The average unit cost for
comprehensive centers was $139,460 and for undergraduate centers $94,011.
The total Centers budget of $12.1 million was awarded.

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships: Non-competing continuation
awards for fellowships were made to 117 institutions representing the
equivalent of about 800 academic year fellowships; about 14 percent of the
funds will be used for summer awards for advanced intensive language